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Well Lived


     Velkommen! Bien venu! Chao ban!... Welcome, my new-dear friend! I know you didn't come here to read, so please feel free to circle around to this after you've indulged your curiosities.


    Pronounced “Enjoy Life,” this business is founded on a wholly-unique concept centered around the Pursuit of Happiness. In 1990, psychologist Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi published a book called, ‘Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience’. While many books have been written on the subject of happiness (23 of which grace the Therapist’s bookshelf) this book, ‘Flow…’, has changed the Therapist’s whole future and has enjoyed profound influence over the fruition of N. Gíôì Life in the process. Many sentences written over the course of history are quote-worthy, and - indeed - many sentences from ‘Flow…’ are worthy to be passed down through the ages; but, one sentence in particular has manifested itself in a way that has brought you to N. Gíôì Life, today…


“Happiness, in fact, is a condition that must be

prepared for,

cultivated, &



by each person.”

                        - Mihaly C., ‘Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience


Embracing the notion that 'a person who finds a job they love will never work a day in their life,' the founder and C.E.O. of N. Gíôì Life recognizes the very passion for defending happiness within the Therapist, and has created a space for that passion to be cultivated right here, in Chanhassen: the #1 Best Place in the Nation to Live (according to Money Magazine, 2021).

     At N. Gíôì Life, you will find a C.A.M. Healthcare Practitioner who wants nothing more than to provide the opportunity for others to defend their happiness. In today’s fast-paced society, though, many people need to start at the ‘Four Foundations of Mindfulness,’ and prepare for happiness, muchless cultivate it and defend it. By devoting the time to hearing you completely and understanding the whole you; where you are in life; and, what your goals are, the C.A.M. Practitioner at N. Gíôì Life has a greater-potential to release any underlying conditions, and - in many cases - provide insight on how you can change the future you’re destined for to include significantly-less pain and discomfort; And - as the result - many people who visit N. Gíôì Life truly Enjoy Life Well Lived!

     The methods used at N. Gíôì Life combine philosophies and techniques from 43-and-counting massage styles originating all around the world to bring you astounding relief that you may never have thought possible!

     Don’t just take our word for it; here are genuine reviews to help you understand what makes the talent at N. Gíôì Life so unique! We don’t buy reviews, and we don’t compensate people for writing them, so you can know 100% of our reviews are REAL.



Eugene wrote:

“Amazing experience! Deep tissue massage was just what I needed- I really liked the technique that was used during massage. It definitely made a big difference in how I felt after. Highly recommend!”


Elizabeth wrote:

“I experienced a very beneficial deep tissue massage which helped alleviate my chronic back and neck pain from too much computer time at work. Caleb was very skilled at identifying the knots in my back and working them out. He listened to my concerns and asked what was important to me with the massage. I would highly recommend this business and would return again.


Jay wrote:

”Go see him before the word gets out! Great massage at a crazy low price. Comfortable cozy space with the all important comfortable table and even more important face cradle. Intuitive touch and personal knowledge of the power of massage to heal.”


Carmella wrote:

”I will definitely be returning to N. Gioi Life. (The Therapist) was professional and the salon was spotless. But most of all my massage relaxed muscles that have been tight for years.”


Jennifer wrote:

”My massage therapist did an excellent job at addressing the areas of my body that needed more healing. I like strong pressure throughout my massage and he did well maintaining pressure consistently too.”

Nicole wrote:

”Much needed, thank you so much. Very communicative as well.”